Deputy President Chen Attend “Workshop of Environmental Flow Management of ACEDP”

Source:CRSRI Author: Date:2007-12-20

The “Workshop of Environmental Flow Management of ACEDP (Australia China Environment Development Program)” organized by the Department of International Cooperation, Science & Technology was held on Nov. 27 in Beijing. The purpose of ACEDP is to establish the sustainable partnership of multi-organization and multi-level between two countries, strengthen the environment policy making of all organizations, quicken the environment management policy making process, and set up the demonstration project of environmental control.

The leaders and experts from the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Environmental Protection Administration, the State Forestry Administration, the Changjiang Water Resources Commission, the Yellow River Conservancy Commission, the Pearl River Water Resources Commission and the Hydropower and Water Resources Planning and Design General Institute attended the workshop. Mr. Chen Jin, deputy president of CRSRI was invited to give a report on “Ecological Flow of Yangtze River”, which drawn wide attention. After workshop, President Chen and his party made a discussion with AusAID on the cooperation concerned.


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